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I'm Leaving - Goodnight, Travel Well

2009-05-29 20:12:39 by WilliWowza

EDIT: Thank you everyone who has taken the time to read this, I didn't expect to have so many people comment but I assure you I have read what everyone has to say. There's some very interesting replies and it's encouraging to see so many people in agreement which makes me happy that I did write this out. Coffee for everyone.

I'm leaving the BBS.

This isn't something I thought I'd ever do, but it's the way things have gone. Newgrounds is undoubtedly my favourite website in the whole wide world (web) so obviously it'd only make sense that I'd want to be part of the community, the most obvious way being the BBS. Seeing the way it's run and seeing the people with power just use it to inflate their own egos and ruin the experience of anyone trying to enjoy themselves though completely spoils any chance of staying here.

I'll still be on NG. Depositing, watching flash, playing games, going to the matur-LISTENING TO AUDIO. What Tom and the staff has done with this site is absolutely amazing and they are straight up awesome guys. I don't think there's anyone else out there who's more dedicated to their site or their fans as Tom & Crew and that's what makes this site so great. The talent that comes to this site is amazing and it makes me proud to be part of the community when projects like Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers are proudly flying the NG banner.

Unfortunately they don't have reign over the BBS, that's left to other less capable people and as such it's become an experience I no longer wish to be a part of. I won't be posting anymore, save for maybe posting in C&C in clubs I have already joined.

Many of my friends have left already.

Some because of the shambolic and inconsistent way this place is run.

Some have been 'perma-banned', something the mods don't exactly have the power to do, but they'll do it anyway.

And some are just harassed by the people are meant to be setting an example.

was right, and there's a reason he's not here anymore.

'I'm sick of being banned. I've been here for 2+ years and have 15,000+ posts, I know how things are supposed to go down. Bans should be reserved for idiots who are blatantly breaking the rules on purpose. The folks who post the same shit over and over again or don't listen to other people telling them to stop.

God, whatever happened to locks? Why not just give me a warning? Tell me that you don't like what I'm doing. The mods are so damn subjective, I don't know who's going to ban me for what. Just tell me that this thread wasn't good, or that I shouldn't do something. I'm actually a pretty smart fellow.'

He's right. Yet constantly I see good users being banned and having their threads locked on the whim of a mod, yet any new user is allowed to go around making threads about what they did in school today. Half the time there's no reason given for the lock/ban/delete and since there's no consensus between the mods over what breaks the rules, we never know what's allowed and what isn't.

This isn't a recent problem and certainly isn't something I haven't brought up before. I've spoken with so many other users over this exact issue and they feel the same way, but nothing can be done about it. Any time I or someone else has voiced their concerns it's met with the usual backlash 'quit whining' 'leave if you don't like it' 'this forum would be shit without us'. I love NG and seeing as how it only has one forum I don't really have anywhere to leave to that has the same community, so why can't the moderation system on my favourite website actually work to a point where it's tolerable?

It's obvious how the moderation system works here. It's not about how well you post, or how useful you are (because if you so much as point out the rules then that's 'backseat modding' and you can bet that'll land you a ban). No, it's about the little clique of friends that talk to each other on AIM all the time and then nominate each other to be come mods. It's a circlejerk in all sense of the term and I don't think there's many that would dispute that. It's pretty clear when you consistently see the type of people who are modded and that whenever a mod steps down or gives up their modship, as soon as they make their return 6 months of so later they'll be given it right back again. So many of them are barely even active that it makes you wonder what they're doing there. They're not all bad people, I know that, but some of them are and they're all working in a bad system.

'What else do you expect when you give teenagers and adults with questionable intelligence and social skills some type of power on a place as inconsistent as the internet?' - TacticalShoe

There's no doubt I'm going to miss it. I've met so many great users through this site that it's hard to name them all:


Yeah well obviously I can't remember everyone. Even if I attempted to name some of them there'd be hundreds I was leaving off. Even users I've never spoken to but just have always thought were funny or liked the way they posted. Some I couldn't stand, some I even fancied (here's lookin' at you Krum).

So here's to the Camwhore Crew, here's to Join the Party, here's to Cock in the top left corner, here's to animated sigs, here's to cornelius, here's to Regarding, here's to MSPaint battles, here's to forever being level 9, here's to the Chat, here's to Kim Possible hentai, here's to Newgrounds.

If you still enjoy posting here, then that's great, I'm glad you can. If you agree with me, well you know what's the problem is. I'll still be on every day to deposit and watch flash movies, so feel free to drop me a PM if you want to chat.


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2009-05-29 20:18:57

Well we'll miss you and yes the mods and NG have been a bit corrupt or odd lately.


2009-05-29 20:22:33


I'll miss you.


2009-05-29 20:24:53


Were you touched by a mod?

Just... show us where he touched you on this doll.


2009-05-29 20:26:40

Baby come back, any kind of fool could see
There was something in everything about you
Baby come back, you can blame it all on me
I was wrong, and I just can't live without you


2009-05-29 20:30:13

Well, have fun out there.


2009-05-29 20:35:25

:( What will it be without my BFFE...


2009-05-29 20:38:21

We will greatly miss u!!

till we meet,



2009-05-29 20:43:33

I'm newish to the BBS and it is pretty shitty. I hate the way mods will lock anything they deem to be 'pointless' even if many other users are enjoying it ('MS paint your school pet peeves' for example).

You just gotta remember that (alot of) these mods are overgrown children who are addicted to this site. They make massive elaborate posts about how they're gonna 'leave the BBS becuase university/work is far more important' then crawl back two weeks later because they realise they're lives revolve around it.


2009-05-29 20:47:32

D'Awww. You're one of the coolest kids on here. :(

Good decision on leaving the BBS though.


2009-05-29 20:47:35

the moderation system kinda reminds me of the matrix:

"every program must have a purpose, if it does not it will be deleted"


2009-05-29 20:51:17

The sad part of this is that none of the mods are going to care.

Tom needs to take over the forums and reorganize the moderators.

And I thought the situation would improve when BBR was demodded.


2009-05-29 20:52:50

If you think you won't be missed you'll be sorely wrong. And I swear to fucking god Will you are my favourite poster on the whole BBS. I'll be saddened not to stalk your posts anymore.

One more nail in the coffin? We'll see.



2009-05-29 20:53:55

yeah the problem is half the time I get banned for shit that when I posted it I didn't even think twice about getting banned.

and then ive posted stuff I was sure id get banned for and nothing happend. The mod's and their rules are way too inconsistent.


2009-05-29 20:55:37


WilliWowza responds:



2009-05-29 21:10:19

If it's any consolation, I always enjoyed your posts.

Good luck and good night.


2009-05-29 21:11:10

i agree with you. I kind of feel that some of the moderation lost its way, we're supposed to grow the userbase not shrink it. Being banned for pointing out a rule/helping the site is STUPID.

I do agree with you that older users do know how to behave and they maybe need to be reminded, not necessarily instantly banned. I think sometimes the mods forget that the site is a business, the users are our clientbase, we serve them. Moderating should facilitate that process, not increase resentment.

So I am disappointed in posts like these cause you work so hard to build community and theres forces that only cause the effort to go two steps backward.

WilliWowza responds:

The moderation has certainly seemed to become less about keeping the forums enjoyable for the users and more about trying to turn them into something their not by certain moderators.


2009-05-29 21:58:29

Sheesh. I'm inactive for a bit and the whole site goes into an even further circle of Hell.
You will seriously be missed Willi.
Lately the rules seemed to be based around a monarchy of sorts where you just look at someone funny you'll be executed.
I remember years ago you could assist someone on the forums and no one would bat an eye. The only instances of backseat modding were people saying "You will get banned/This thread will get locked" but now if you just point them to a thread it's an instant ban.
Not to mention TehSlapHappy can get away with so much bullshit because he's butt buddies with Poozy, but now I'm just getting personal.
I don't even know why I'm still here myself. Anyway, good luck in the future.


2009-05-29 22:07:34

Oh hell, I realized all that by 200 posts.


2009-05-29 22:32:49

Time will tell. Your right, the bbs has fallen out of control lately.

Also, after reading luis's thoughts I do enjoy luis's thoughts and expression that "sometimes the mods forget that the site is a business, the users are our clientbase, we serve them. Moderating should facilitate that process, not increase resentment."


2009-05-29 22:36:51



2009-05-29 22:37:28

Yeah, I really don't know how much longer I'll be on here myself, add to that the fact that most people I come across who I have actually liked are leaving left and right.

I really don't talk too many people on here anyway, and sometimes I question myself why I still stick around. I feel like it's become routine, something completely unnecessary that I don't have to do, but do anyway. Even when half the threads are shit, I still compulsively post, because I've always been doing it and I feel obligated to continue. It's pathetic.

But seeing all these wonderful people leave is just making my future here on the BBS look bleaker. I've already started posting in other, more enjoyable forums, so I really don't know how much longer I'll be on here.

Anyway, have fun, wherever your little internet travels take you. You'll only leave the BBS in a shittier state :\


2009-05-29 22:50:16

You made some good points.

Wish you'd stay.


2009-05-29 22:50:20

Goodnight, sweet prince; and a flight of angels sing thee to thy rest.


2009-05-29 22:51:43

I'm still holding you to that XBL date we planned.


2009-05-29 23:12:03

The BBS sucks and always has for as long as I've been here at least.


2009-05-29 23:32:12

i feel little pops of happiness in my heart each time someone else realizes what a corrupt bloated hunk of stupid shit the bbs is.

in b4 durr huurrr u r a blowtad hunk o stoopit shit, zeckey

WilliWowza responds:

wtf sum1 said u make gd flash bt i watchd 1 n it was jst sum gay sqaures doin gay shit it fuckin suxx balz BLAM


2009-05-29 23:38:40

According to what I've heard from various banned members about the mods, they sound annoyingly strict. I don't go to the BBS very much, but when I do, I don't run into the problems everyone else seems to be having.

dur durrr ur a hilarious lump of lizard, zeckey


2009-05-29 23:40:31


also the mods are only strict on people that have been here a while. hence why the bbs is a fuckin zoo.


2009-05-30 00:33:01

Tbh, I've had no problems with the mods.

Then again, I barely make threads anyway, so the mods barely notice me.


2009-05-30 01:18:47

Shame. Another person gone. To be honest, I only really see this site as a way to advance my flash skills, find a sponser, make some money, and then move on.

Sometimes I wonder if there could be a more, "professional," alternative to Newgrounds. Where the target audience isn't a bunch of Nintendo fans who play dating sims all the time. Selected staff would have the power to instantly delete any submission they see fit, to keep the kruft out. (Obviously, they would have to be highly trusted.)

Anyways, you're right, moderators on this website are VERY inclusive. It's like some club full of immature adults, with administrative power. Thankfully, their reach is, "only," limited to the BBS.

So yeah. Just use this site as a way to improve your flash skills, and move on as soon as possible. That's all Newgrounds is good for anymore.

WilliWowza responds:

Whilst there's certainly a huge number of the 'dumb kids' on NG, there's also the unheard group of brilliant animators and those that enjoy watching them. Remember when flash like 'Link's Quest For Ass' was in the Top 50? Then Bitey of Brackenwood came along and suddenly there was a torrent of well made awesome flash.

The BBS is a different matter though, it is a very inclusive club because a lot of them have been there since the moderation system began and they're the ones that choose the next mods. It's obvious where a cycle like that will go.


2009-05-30 01:19:08

Although I've never known you, I think that what you're doing is a little over the top. Yes, there are a lot of morons on the BBS, but you just need to ignore them, in the knowledge that they will be hated by everyone for the rest of their NG lives... also, if we didn't have any moderators, doubtless there would be 100x more idiots perusing the forums. You shouldn't be so negative about all this.


2009-05-30 01:55:36

It's almost 2 AM so reading this troubles me. So many regulars, seeming to agree. I haven't been on the BBS much before the second half of 2008, so I can't really judge it.


2009-05-30 02:13:02

The BBS seems to be modded in a "progressive" manner, in that the more respect you get and the more posts you have, the more you get banned. While this is a system that for a while has worked for taxation (whether it still does in an age of rising deficits is open for discussion), it just doesn't work for enforcement. Who's committing robbery, aggravated assault, rape, murder? Mainly the lower classes. So punishing upper-class and middle-class members of society for minor crimes while letting the poor go free for them isn't going to reduce the crime rate, because the cops and the courts would be targeting the groups doing the least.

It's the same on the BBS: the mods are targeting longer-time, more respected members (equivalent to the upper and middle classes) for minor crimes (LordZeebmork, a user about as middle-class for the BBS as I am, got permabanned for trolling when he was just stating an opinion that he had that was unpopular with the mods) while letting major crimes of stupidity, incompetence, retardation, inability to spell or use anything resembling proper grammar, and flaming and trolling far greater than anything LordZeebmork ever tried, slide when committed by new members. If the little kids don't know now, they need to be taught, either by general ridicule or by bans.

But the mods obviously don't think that way; they reason that you, or AshfordPride, or Zen444, and so on, "should know better" than to commit minor flaming against a 12-year-old describing how his 12-year-old girlfriend of 1 week dumped him, while that same 12-year-old is let off for all sorts of bullshit. Stupid, huh? That's like letting a poor man off for rape and sending a fairly wealthy doctor to jail for jaywalking, just because the doctor should "know better" while the lower-class individual doesn't. It's a stupid way to go about things, and I'd like to see one of the mods (BBM and Poozy are often targeted as mods who act that way) try to defend it with something other than an appeal to their own authority.

So wherever you go, whatever you do, have fun. You don't need to worry about the BBS anymore: something tells me you won't really want to see it if you ever do decide to go back there.


2009-05-30 06:04:00

There's nothing I can say
There's nothing I can do now
Goodnight, Travel Well

WilliWowza responds:

The unknown distance to the great beyond.


2009-05-30 06:49:05

you are gay


2009-05-30 08:09:28

I completely agree with you Will, and I agree with Gagsy when I say that I'm gonna fucking miss your posts. A lot of the time I'll go into a thread simply because you were the last person to post in it; wither because I'll get an intriguing answer or something that will make me laugh my balls off.

The BBS is utter shit, the cunts who post shit get to roam free while good users who try to make the occasional joke in GOOD TASTE get stick for it. It's like walking around on eggshells afraid of waking one of the Mods. And I agree with Luis when he says that the Mods are supposed to serve the people; however they don't.

There are a few Mods that I really really like, ones like BlueHippo, NEVR, Renaenae, BlackMarketKraig, Jonas and even Zerok. However it's the Mods who are most active that I see as fucking corrupt. Like BBM, EyeLovePoozy. Poozy has self declared himself as ruler of the general forum. If Poozy doesn't like it; It's gotta go. Which is fucking disgraceful. Tim really needs to take a good look at the BBS and sort it the fuck out. Before more great users like you leave.

Bye Will. I'll still be following your Twitter like a hawk though. ;P


2009-05-30 09:19:40

Another good user leaves us, am I a reason?


2009-05-30 09:50:52

The fucking faggy mods are worse than the trolls and the fucking spammers. Fuck it if it's not spam, I will ban according to my lack of entertainment. That's right, follow my e-cock's rules. This is probably why everyone from the NG crew had me banned from their page .. XD


2009-05-30 09:56:27

You do know that both of Tom and the mods DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK AT ALL!


2009-05-30 10:12:53

PlzDntLeave... :'c


2009-05-30 10:20:58

Oh shit.

I didn't even know you very well, but I always found you funny.


2009-05-30 11:23:37

How do you 'leave' a place on the internet it's not like you're moving away from the internet or something there's no fees to pay if you dont turn up so whats the point of 'leaving' why are you telling everyone you're stupid what is this I don't even

WilliWowza responds:

Being angry and using may mays only works on 4chan kiddo.


2009-05-30 11:46:43

its official.

all the cool people have left.

seriously, fuck the lot of ya', i'm so sick of seeing you people go on long "i'm going away forever" speechs and WALKING OFF IN THE SUNSET TO SAD MUSIC. SO NOW I RUUUUUUUNNNNNN TO YOOOOOUUUUU WITH OOOOOOPEN ARMS!!!!!!

when the first guy did it, it was sad. but you know what? i'm sick of feeling sorry, i'm sick of sympathy and i'm sick of the actually smart funny people leaving.

you're a smart, funny guy. but you know what? if you're going to just BAWWWW and leave than thats fine with me, i can live with that.

fuck the lot of ya', seriously.

WilliWowza responds: GiYr95JlU&feature=related


2009-05-30 11:48:03

I will miss you. You were an inspiration to me. I was a big fan of your posts. Farewell.


2009-05-30 11:56:20

I'll miss ya man, although we barely talk in the first place.


2009-05-30 12:59:50

well zekey beat me to it but congrats on figuring out what the internet is


2009-05-30 13:15:39

Im gonna take you out tonight, im gonna make you feel alright


WilliWowza responds:

I got a blanket on the backseat on my mind


2009-05-30 18:18:03

Plz read this. Im unsure if I have PM'ed you or not but im planing an attack on June 7th where were going to PM all the staff we can into changing the mod system and take down and perma-ban all evil mods. IS ANYONE IN!? IF YOU ARE HELP RECRUIT MORE PLZ!


2009-05-30 18:32:44

I'll miss you. I always thought you should've been a mod. You're a way better user than Poozy. If I ever by some miracle become mod, I'll fix shit and make you come back for your well-deserved piss coloured aura.


2009-05-30 18:59:27

Come back soon, y'hear?