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Great addition to the series.

The animation was superb, vastly improved from the early episodes whicn weren't too shabby to begin with. Your visual style is clear and distinctive, instantly easy to recognise and fits perfectly with the type of humour you have going here. The slight facial animations and movements really paid off, gave the characters that bit more feeling to them.

The voice work was great. Never have I heard Speakonia or Microsoft Sam or whatever robot voice that was used to such a good extent. To take a cold, stunted robotic voice and draw humour out of it is definately worthy of praise. CB's strange voice is by now endearing and fits the character. The rest of the voice work was swell too.

Feels like I'm gushing, but I really do love your work and I look forward to the next part coming out tomorrow. I don't understand why you wouldn't have just put them both in one part though? The runtime might have been too long for the average viewers attention span I suppose. Still this episode didn't feel any less complete and it made me laugh, keep it up, look forward to the next one.

What were you trying to achieve here?

Half the time I was watching it I wasn't sure if you were parodying the whole series because there were hints of self-awareness over the type of reputation this has garnered and the particular audience it appeals to.

On the other hand there was even more awful attempts at humour, bad voice-acting, horrible comedic timing and even WORSE animation than the previous installments. Don't know how that happened. So this lead me to believe that instead of a self-referential ironic remorse over the series you've created, it was infact a weird hybrid trying to please everyone but infact just alienating more people.

Let's face it, at least before you had an audience. It wasn't the best audience, they weren't a credible audience that knew anything about animation or comedy but they were an audience none the less. You should at least cater to them rather than make it clear that you're aware and making fun of the lowest factor of people your flash series appeals whilst at the same time producing the same old stuff that they gobble up.

You know that you're not liked and that you're not liked by some of the greatest animators and artists on this site, No one likes being hated obviously, but you either stop churning out the garbage that makes them hate you or you ignore them and at least try to make something better for the people that like it in the first place, not create a shambolic inbetween which pleases no one.

Brawl Funnies said it best. Do you want to be known as the person who took a shit that everyone loved?

Now I didn't want to be too negative writing this, but I was actually surprised that it was worse than the others, though that's not to say you or anyone involved in this can't do better. Make something original rather than constant parodies, don't write if you can't write, don't animate if you can't animate etc. Play to your strengths and strive to improve them.


Whilst the flash was loading (took a while what with the all the anime porn I had downloading) I noticed all the negative reviews calling you out for attacking a beloved artist on NewGrounds and that the only good short was the first one.

This was when I knew it was going to be good.

Pretty ironic that the same audience you rip apart for gobbling up every new installment of Brawl taunts is sitting there drooling as the joke flies over there head, only to perk up interest at the slightest suggestion of tits or sex.
This was actually funnier than most of the other parody type flash thing cartoons that are made and for the most of them the animation was far better than Brawling Tauntings. I especially enjoyed the one in the balloon, gave me a good chuckle.
There's nothing wrong with doing flash about video games of course, if they're done well, which Brawl taunts is not. Why it's so popular confuses me, maybe it's something to do with a girl being involved.
Anywho I must be off, shan't be watching part two as there are forums I need to be arguing on over if Cloud having sex with Aeris is canon and there's only so many hours in the day FUCK IS THAT KNUCKLES MUSIC STILL PLAYING I THOUGHT I CLOSED THAT WINDOW DAMN

CoolDrMoney responds:

forums I need to be arguing on over if Cloud having sex with Aeris is canon

Very good idea

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That'll do Pig, that'll do.

This game is fantastic. Don't get me wrong, it pissed me off to no end and had me sweating bullets as I grazed past a rock within a hair's width, but that's what I love about it. It evokes that nostalgic feeling of old video games where one hit meant death and you're always on your toes. The trial and error constantly pushes you to give it another try and it's extremely difficult to give up and walk away.

The music was great, fit the mood perfectly and was very catchy. The pig noises, well it was probably just because I died so much but I found them a bit grating after a while, especially since they were so high-pitched and loud. Would be nice to be able to disable them, but it's a great incentive not to die so I don't have to hear that squeal again.

It looks great too, very cute and very vibrant. Everything's clear and easy to see, which is helpful in a game like this. I've not had as much challenge in a flash game like this in a long while, I may even come back and try it backwards, just for that medal.

A Fitting Tribute

First off I'm amazing at how quick you pumped this out and how suprisingly fun it is. The graphics were basic but went well with the overall vibe of the piece, the characters were all quirky and the dialogue was funny. The music choice was perfect, the exact theme tune for an idiot trying to exact revenge. The gameplay was fun enough, pretty much like an other Pont & Click game, though I liked the movement aspect, apart from not really being sure where you could go into and where you couldn't.

Nice work Scotty, I hope Sirtom enjoys playing it.....


Beautiful, a new high in flash gaming

This is just brilliant, the graphics, the gameplay and all the cameos from popular NG icons. This'll be number for sure, I hope at least.

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This was a nice piece but I felt more could've been done with it as a whole substantial song rather than a 19 second piece. Had a good build up with the beat and the snare but just seemed to end too quickly.

Andrewboy895 responds:

I needed to make a quick song for my school project for a power point, and it didn't need to be very long, so I put it on NG for the heck of it and it scores almost a four out of five with me not voting on it once.

i leikd it cuz it woz kewl

Seriously though the guy behind the counter did sound a whole lot like Bill Cosby, rum raisin pudding. Overall it was good, if not a bit long for a newgrounds audience, even I had trouble sitting still for 5 minutes.
The voices were sound, they were clear and comprehensible, the only thing I'd suggest working on was the pace, though I wasn't sure if this was improv or read off a script.
Just keep it up and don't start talking really fast, swearing and constantly saying "WHAT THE FUCK I DIDNT EXPECT THAT?!" llolololololol

TacticalShoe responds:

I did the entire thing as a one shot improv.

And yeah, I realize it is a bit long and probably really nonsensical.

Perfect, thanks for this

One of my favourite tunes from the Sonic games, and it's finally done properly, wish you would do more like this.

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