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Posted by WilliWowza - June 25th, 2010

baby turtle

baby turtle


Posted by WilliWowza - May 29th, 2009

EDIT: Thank you everyone who has taken the time to read this, I didn't expect to have so many people comment but I assure you I have read what everyone has to say. There's some very interesting replies and it's encouraging to see so many people in agreement which makes me happy that I did write this out. Coffee for everyone.

I'm leaving the BBS.

This isn't something I thought I'd ever do, but it's the way things have gone. Newgrounds is undoubtedly my favourite website in the whole wide world (web) so obviously it'd only make sense that I'd want to be part of the community, the most obvious way being the BBS. Seeing the way it's run and seeing the people with power just use it to inflate their own egos and ruin the experience of anyone trying to enjoy themselves though completely spoils any chance of staying here.

I'll still be on NG. Depositing, watching flash, playing games, going to the matur-LISTENING TO AUDIO. What Tom and the staff has done with this site is absolutely amazing and they are straight up awesome guys. I don't think there's anyone else out there who's more dedicated to their site or their fans as Tom & Crew and that's what makes this site so great. The talent that comes to this site is amazing and it makes me proud to be part of the community when projects like Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers are proudly flying the NG banner.

Unfortunately they don't have reign over the BBS, that's left to other less capable people and as such it's become an experience I no longer wish to be a part of. I won't be posting anymore, save for maybe posting in C&C in clubs I have already joined.

Many of my friends have left already.

Some because of the shambolic and inconsistent way this place is run.

Some have been 'perma-banned', something the mods don't exactly have the power to do, but they'll do it anyway.

And some are just harassed by the people are meant to be setting an example.

was right, and there's a reason he's not here anymore.

'I'm sick of being banned. I've been here for 2+ years and have 15,000+ posts, I know how things are supposed to go down. Bans should be reserved for idiots who are blatantly breaking the rules on purpose. The folks who post the same shit over and over again or don't listen to other people telling them to stop.

God, whatever happened to locks? Why not just give me a warning? Tell me that you don't like what I'm doing. The mods are so damn subjective, I don't know who's going to ban me for what. Just tell me that this thread wasn't good, or that I shouldn't do something. I'm actually a pretty smart fellow.'

He's right. Yet constantly I see good users being banned and having their threads locked on the whim of a mod, yet any new user is allowed to go around making threads about what they did in school today. Half the time there's no reason given for the lock/ban/delete and since there's no consensus between the mods over what breaks the rules, we never know what's allowed and what isn't.

This isn't a recent problem and certainly isn't something I haven't brought up before. I've spoken with so many other users over this exact issue and they feel the same way, but nothing can be done about it. Any time I or someone else has voiced their concerns it's met with the usual backlash 'quit whining' 'leave if you don't like it' 'this forum would be shit without us'. I love NG and seeing as how it only has one forum I don't really have anywhere to leave to that has the same community, so why can't the moderation system on my favourite website actually work to a point where it's tolerable?

It's obvious how the moderation system works here. It's not about how well you post, or how useful you are (because if you so much as point out the rules then that's 'backseat modding' and you can bet that'll land you a ban). No, it's about the little clique of friends that talk to each other on AIM all the time and then nominate each other to be come mods. It's a circlejerk in all sense of the term and I don't think there's many that would dispute that. It's pretty clear when you consistently see the type of people who are modded and that whenever a mod steps down or gives up their modship, as soon as they make their return 6 months of so later they'll be given it right back again. So many of them are barely even active that it makes you wonder what they're doing there. They're not all bad people, I know that, but some of them are and they're all working in a bad system.

'What else do you expect when you give teenagers and adults with questionable intelligence and social skills some type of power on a place as inconsistent as the internet?' - TacticalShoe

There's no doubt I'm going to miss it. I've met so many great users through this site that it's hard to name them all:


Yeah well obviously I can't remember everyone. Even if I attempted to name some of them there'd be hundreds I was leaving off. Even users I've never spoken to but just have always thought were funny or liked the way they posted. Some I couldn't stand, some I even fancied (here's lookin' at you Krum).

So here's to the Camwhore Crew, here's to Join the Party, here's to Cock in the top left corner, here's to animated sigs, here's to cornelius, here's to Regarding, here's to MSPaint battles, here's to forever being level 9, here's to the Chat, here's to Kim Possible hentai, here's to Newgrounds.

If you still enjoy posting here, then that's great, I'm glad you can. If you agree with me, well you know what's the problem is. I'll still be on every day to deposit and watch flash movies, so feel free to drop me a PM if you want to chat.

Posted by WilliWowza - May 21st, 2009


http://zen444.newgrounds.com/news/post /315354





Posted by WilliWowza - May 6th, 2009

First attempt at trying to make a YouTube Poop.


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Edit: Made another one in as many days.

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Posted by WilliWowza - April 1st, 2009

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Hello people of New Ground.

This account has been gave me as gift from user.

He said he no longer wish to be part of site.

I hope I can live to be as fun as him!



Posted by WilliWowza - March 15th, 2009

Due to a number of overwhelming and all-powerful forces in the universe I've now joined up to the Twitter website.


If you're on it, or near it, or can just about see it somewhere over the horizon, add me or twit me or whatever you do on it.

I'm still working it out....

EDIT: Animation short finished



You're all awesome.


Twiit Twoot Mini Blog

Posted by WilliWowza - September 26th, 2008

I look a little bit older

I look a little bit colder.

Tomorrow (27th) I'll be moving into my room at University, thrown into a situation I'm not prepared for physically or mentally. I'll be expected to mingle and interact with people to make friends and get along fine and dandy. Lately I've just been swathed with the usual comforting comments of 'be yourself, talk to people, you'll make loads of friends', which is well enough to say, but when it comes down to the crunch experience has taught me it doesn't usually work out that way. Not to mention the one person I do want comforting me isn't.

So that'll be fun, I'm not in the greatest mood but I try not to be down and whining all the time. No one likes it when people are sad and they're trying to maintain and upbeat attitude. What has sitting around crying every accomplished? Well probably a few life changing epiphanies but that's not my style. I kick ass and chew bubblegum, except my kicks are weak and I'd end up spitting the gum out if I tried to blow a bubble.

Lately my days have been spent mostly just playing video games, I don't see why they wouldn't be but it does often lead to moments when you just sit there and wonder what the hell you're doing. I don't feel like I need to conform to society's standards of having loads of friends and going out if I was content with what I was doing, which I always for the most part have been, but now I'm not. Being stuck indoors so much just gives you too much time sitting with only your own thoughts when you eventually exhaust all forms of entertainment to the point of boredom.

Been playing many of my old games simply to try and get those achievements that were too hard or time consuming to get when I first played through. Completed Mass Effect, Bioshock and some others now with all the achivements and for the time some of them took to get you really don't feel that much better at the end when that little number goes up slightly. It's cool to think 'yeah im slightly better than these guys', but the only people that will see are those looking at your profile and the biggest reaction it'll probably garner is 'hm, cool'.

Thinking of buying some RPGs soon, I like the way how the ones with a good story can just draw you in and make you forget about everything else going on around you. I want to feel like I did as a kid playing FF7 for the first time, and all I could think about whilst playing it were the characters and the story. Movies are good at this to some extent, but since you're just watching you sometimes don't feel as involved with the story and they're never as long as games last.

I also spend a lot of my time browsing the BBS, just reading, not even posting anymore. General forum is all the same every time I look 50% of the topics are girls problems and the other 50% are about school, two topics that I have no interest in discussing on NG. I wish I had the same enthusiasm for posting I did before, but the BBS just doesn't seem the same anymore and a lot of the people that made it special have gone and aren't being replaced by the new crowd.

The Killers, my favouritest band ever, have announced their new single 'Human' recently and I'm loving this song. If you haven't heard it, DO, it might be tricky since YouTube is clamping down on it like a lobster on steroids. It's worth a listen and along with the other two songs from the new album, has really hyped me up for it. I like having something to look forward to. Christmas don't cut it no more.

Just writing all this out makes me feel like some whiney livejournal blogger, but it's better to get it out than sit around F5ing the same page over and over for 10 minutes. If you've sat through reading all this, WELL DONE and THANKS. I want to be upbeat and say screw the world, but there's little giving me that enthusiasm at the moment.

So if I succeed in making hundreds of new friends I'm sure I'll be out all night partying and never have time to come on NG anymore, if I don't.................................
..well I'll be on here as usual, probably more.


I Pack My Case, I Check My Face

Posted by WilliWowza - May 30th, 2008

Making news posts is always something that riles me up over what I should actually put here. On the one hand there's a part of me that want to writes up a detailed entry about how I'm feeling or my views on certain events taking place on Newgrounds, however that side is usually immediately countered by the side which reminds me that no one reads or cares about my opinion and much more people would simply prefer a one liner and a picture.

Well what is there to say about the moment? The BBS awards are causing delicious drama and reminding myself just how many people don't like me. You can't really say that you don't care about them at all, because it's people's opinion's on you, something which almost all people care a lot about. If someone says something nice about, you're happy and feel like some sort of role model for that person. A warm feeling of pride emits from within over the thought that this person looks up to you in the same way that you may have done for other users.

On the other hand there's the kick in the stomach you get when you see someone make a negative comment about you or put you in a bad category. Someone you don't even know, someone you've never done anything to doesn't like you. It's hard to shrug it off, it makes you feel like you've wasted this year/half year of posting because in the end everyone thought what you had to say was shit. Some people might "but er der it gives people an incentive to improve dem derselves"". (notice how I make the hypothetical quote of the person with a view different from my own appear stupid, ingenius) Well theoretically yes it would, but in reality people are stubborn creatures and once they have an opinion of someone lodged in their brains it becomes very hard to shake it short of them turning water into wine in front of their faces and dying on a plank of wood.

Internet drama aside I've been wasting time on TF2 and WoW for the most part. Yes WoW, and not even on my own account, I've been leveling up a friend so he can get to 70, at which point I will go back on my own level 70 so we can all play together. I don't particularly love WoW as a game, it is fun and pretty but not enough to warrant playing it on my own. Rather the fun comes from playing with people you know, over skype/teamspeak/etc., and having a laugh whilst playing it together. Technically this makes any game better, but it's particularly good in an RPG type game such as WoW, where you can all level up, quest and raid together. I spend most of my day just sat on skype talking with my buddies, which is what I've missed about WoW, actually interacting with people and having fun...

: not IRL buddies lol (except one) don't go thinking I have a life

Speaking of IRL, let's not. I'm sure nobody could care less about my life nor do they want to read me droning on about it since I sure don't unless it's a person I care about, which I don't think many people do about me on here. I don't see why people need to make a topic or a news bulletin every time they fart or cough, but I suppose some people enjoy it, like the type of people who watch soaps.

Flash has been hanging over me like a dark foreboding shadow, beckoning me to curdle back into her ghastly talons of tweening and patience. I really like doing flash, it's been one of the only things in my life where I felt like I've achieved something, but have never been happy with my work. Probably sounds sad but I was so excited and happy when I got frontpage/daily 2nd, like ever since I was a kid I used to look up to the flash artists on this site as some sort of geniuses and wanted to be so much like them. For days I would sit her watching flash after flash, spending whole days at a time watching every episode of Bonus Stage or Space Tree and dreaming of being as good as them. I will get back to it, I know it, it's never too late. Just having trouble getting the house free for doing voices, hate other people hearing me do that in the house.

Seems a bit of a waste even loading up MSN nowadays, seeing as I only really talk to about 3 different people (don't hold me to that number). People just seem to be talking to me less, feels pointless having such a big contact list of these people I barely know or ever talk to. It's not that I don't want to talk to the, I'd gladly talk to anyone most of the time, I'm just not good at starting conversations usually.....or I'm a bore to talk to. Just be nice to have actual conversations with new people instead of only being talked to for either a 5 or to post in someone's topic.

Why am I writing all this? Good on you for anyone actually reading this far, I don't know what's got into me. I'm just sitting here with the sniffles typing away like a madman for some reason.

Was wondering if I should change my username to Wooper, I really like it and makes more sense than this name, which people spell wrong half the time or just laugh at.

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Thanks, hit me with some feedback so I can tell whether I should bother to do anything again.

- Wooper


Posted by WilliWowza - April 16th, 2008

Bucket of chicken

/* */

Posted by WilliWowza - March 7th, 2008

Separated at birth...

Olimar & Diglett